Get Rich Slow -Millrock Publishing

The following pages include a few common forms:

Operating Statement
Projected Cash Flow
Projected Sales Proceeds
Residential Rental Application
Inspection Sheet

The forms contain basic information. You may want to tweak the forms to include things you consider important.
We are not including forms for an offer to purchase or a lease agreement because laws and customs vary from state to state. It is essential that the forms you use contain provisions and wording that conform to local laws and customs.

Also included is an Excel Amortization Table Template.

Also included is a link to tutorial Videos on how to use Financial Calculators-by HP and TI.

We are making arrangements to have an Excel cash flow spreadsheet

     available for a nominal fee.  The spreadsheet will be similar to 

     Illustration 7-1 on p. 106 and Illustration 7-2 on page 108, except it will

     contain formulas in certain cells to do the arithmetic.  If you would like

     one when it is available, please e-mail us at

     and we will notify you as soon as it is available.  Thanks for your patience.