Get Rich Slow -Millrock Publishing

"The content was extremely valuable to me.  I have been thinking of the possibility of investing in real estate and the text clearly identified for me the various aspects for which I must be prepared.

I am very glad I read the manuscript and will recommend that friends and relatives read the book.  The book has some valuable tools and advice which can be used for many financial decisions."

"I loved it! I am a visual person, all the graphs and illustrations help to break up all the words. He's cute and gives humor"

"I found it to be well written, easy to understand and helpful."

"The book is very detailed and that’s what makes it so darned valuable."

"Get Rich Slow pulls no punches: it is probably one of the most complete, no-nonsense guides for a serious investor. This is the book anyone considering real estate as an investment opportunity, especially rental real estate, needs to read. “

"What a terrific book! A thorough, step-by-step process on "how to" invest in rental real estate. As a novice to real estate investing, I found the book easy to understand, with very useful information and tools."

"I have been investing in real estate for over 20 years and wish I had had this book at the beginning."